Florida Real Estate Mentors Show You How to Invest in Miami

  • February 5, 2021

Everyone investing in Miami real estate wants the best return on their investment. But only a few make an effort to make clever investments in a market that is super dynamic such as Miami. But if you are someone who has a bit of money to spare and wants to double or even triple it, now is a good time to be investing in real estate, especially in Miami. This is because these days Miami is seeing steady increase in house prices and is giving back in investments.

Buying Real Estate in Miami – Good Idea?

Some tips brought to you by the BREIA mentors, Florida-based real estate investment guru’s.

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One of the reasons why people are failing in making a good return on investments is because they are still investing mostly in condos. While condos were once the best kind of property to invest in Miami, things are a bit different in 2018. Now the market prices are steadily rising for single family homes for many reasons.

One of the biggest reasons of rising prices in single family homes is the demand and supply factor. Many professionals from across the country and world are moving to Miami for its obvious life standards and they are mostly choosing family homes instead of condos. The reason for that is that housing is a tad bit cheaper than condos because they don’t offer luxury facilities that come with a condo that also raises their prices.

Another big reason for a rise is that single family homes do not require the tenant to pay high costs of maintenance. This means that if they have rented your property, they will be paying a lower rent compared to condo. Also keep a very important factor in mind if you are buying a property to rent it out, family homes are the best to go for.

This is because in Miami, strict restrictions are placed on condo rentals. You can only rent out a condo twice a year compared to a single family home which can be rented out a unlimited number of times in a year. Since the rent is affordable, there are lesser homes available to move in already, the value of these houses are going up at a steady pace.

Invest today in a single family home and set it up on rent. In the next few years, you’ll be surprised how much money you will be making back when you are going to sell it off to someone else.

And the best part is that it’s a lot more affordable than the homes that Tracy Tutor would show you across the nation in California!

Tracy Tutor Biography

  • January 26, 2021

If you remotely or religiously follow the world of real estate business, then you may have already come across the name Tracy Tutor Maltas. It is impossible to not know her if you are remotely familiar with real estate agents of America.

Tracy Maltas is one of the most popular woman real estate agent in the country for many reasons. The 42 year old has made some of the biggest real estate deals in the country and has a huge fan following on her social media accounts.

If that is not enough, she has also appeared on the popular Million Dollar Listings reality television show. Tracy was included on the 10th season of the show as one of the first female real estate agents in the Los Angeles edition of the show.

Being a native to Los Angeles, she brought with her an experience of over 15 years in the field alongside the knowledge of her father and grandfather who are also very established and known real estate businessmen.

Her Father Ronal Tutor is one of the most successful building contractors in the United States with various companies to his name including his own real estate agency where Tracy started her career from. Her skills in real estate business should come as no surprise being the daughter of very successful real estate businessmen.

Tracy worked along with her dad for three years in his company before moving on and making huge deals on her own. Till now Tracy has been involved in closing some of the biggest real estate deals in the country including a deal of $400 million. She has also successfully sold a luxury home worth 11.8 million dollars to Hollywood action movies star Edward Norton.

One of the things that attract a lot of real estate businessmen to follow Tracy is her age and the level of success she has achieved. The 42 year old real estate businesswoman is a mom to two beautiful daughters but it is impossible to tell from her looks that she is a mom and at that age.

One of the best ways to follow Tracy and her ventures is through joining and following her on her official Instagram account page. She is well known to occasionally post about her professional and personal experiences on her social media accounts. She discusses a wide variety of topics on her account which keeps the audience engaged at all times. From time to time, Tracy also shares some valuable trips and tricks to aspiring real estate agents which are worth so much.

Tracy is currently representing the iconic West Hollywood Edition Hotel and Residences in Los Angeles. The project was launched in early 2018 and has already gained a lot of traction thanks to the name Tracy attached to it.

On the side, she is also working with some of the biggest real estate agents including Douglas Elliman California where she continues to dominate the world of real estate investments through her skills.