Florida Real Estate Mentors Show You How to Invest in Miami

  • February 5, 2021

Everyone investing in Miami real estate wants the best return on their investment. But only a few make an effort to make clever investments in a market that is super dynamic such as Miami. But if you are someone who has a bit of money to spare and wants to double or even triple it, now is a good time to be investing in real estate, especially in Miami. This is because these days Miami is seeing steady increase in house prices and is giving back in investments.

Buying Real Estate in Miami – Good Idea?

Some tips brought to you by the BREIA mentors, Florida-based real estate investment guru’s.

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One of the reasons why people are failing in making a good return on investments is because they are still investing mostly in condos. While condos were once the best kind of property to invest in Miami, things are a bit different in 2018. Now the market prices are steadily rising for single family homes for many reasons.

One of the biggest reasons of rising prices in single family homes is the demand and supply factor. Many professionals from across the country and world are moving to Miami for its obvious life standards and they are mostly choosing family homes instead of condos. The reason for that is that housing is a tad bit cheaper than condos because they don’t offer luxury facilities that come with a condo that also raises their prices.

Another big reason for a rise is that single family homes do not require the tenant to pay high costs of maintenance. This means that if they have rented your property, they will be paying a lower rent compared to condo. Also keep a very important factor in mind if you are buying a property to rent it out, family homes are the best to go for.

This is because in Miami, strict restrictions are placed on condo rentals. You can only rent out a condo twice a year compared to a single family home which can be rented out a unlimited number of times in a year. Since the rent is affordable, there are lesser homes available to move in already, the value of these houses are going up at a steady pace.

Invest today in a single family home and set it up on rent. In the next few years, you’ll be surprised how much money you will be making back when you are going to sell it off to someone else.

And the best part is that it’s a lot more affordable than the homes that Tracy Tutor would show you across the nation in California!

Dan Evander


Dan Evander is a real estate investor living in Seattle, Washington.