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Canadian Made Home Decor and Furnishings

Canadian Made Home Decor and Furnishings

Can-JaneLockhartsNewMadeInCanadaFurnitureLineMakesItEasyToCoordinatePiecesAs far back as trade routes began linking ancient civilizations, rare furniture and objets from far-away places have been a hallmark of the homes of the wealthy and powerful. But the tide may be turning, as Canadian homeowners become more aware of, and interested in, products that are made close to home.

Adam Hofmann, owner of the Bogdon & Gross Furniture Company in Walkerton, Ontario, is seeing growth in sales of Canadian-made product, driven by rising energy costs that add to the sticker price of off-shore products and concern over the labour, safety and environmental standards in foreign factories.

Can-CanadianFurnitureMakerBarrymoreHasBeenBuildingBeautifulChairsForDecadesThe challenge is that it’s difficult for consumers to distinguish between what’s imported and what’s made here at home. “But there are important differences,” says Hofmann. “The majority of what arrives in containers is inferior. One problem is that it’s made with domestic wood that’s okay for the locale in which it’s made but can’t tolerate our extremes. Species native to Canada - oak and maple, for example - are adapted to this climate.”

The need for increased awareness is behind a national effort to promote Canadian-made home goods. “There are many benefits to buying Canadian,” says Hofmann. “If you buy a product from a Canadian manufacturer, you have a better chance of getting service if you have a problem,” he suggests. And local manufacturers can often customize product.

Hofmann is optimistic that sales of Canadian-made furniture and décor will continue to climb. “It might be true that the imports took over the market in the last 20 years. But we’re ready and able to take it back now.”

vicky sandersonVicky Sanderson is an all encompassing home GURU. She provides wonderful advice and insight into the world of all things home related – from decor and design and entertaining to gardening and household tips. If you would like to be in contact with her, you can go to her profile and submit a friend request.


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