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The Junk of One Woman is a Jewel to Another

Even before “meeting” them for a video interview, I knew the Picker Sisters were my kind of people. I share with them a simple maxim: reduce, reuse, redecorate!

As hosts of an eponymous television show that runs on the Lifetime channel, interior designers and bff’s Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen crisscross America looking for second-hand, thrift-shop and past-its-prime décor, art and accessories. It may look like rubbish to some, but the enterprising duo turn relics into wonderfully eclectic pieces that they offer for sale in a home décor pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

picker sisters video interview with vicky sanderson

Recently, I chatted with Tracy and Tanya about what’s behind the current vogue for repurposed home décor, and how turning trash into treasure has become an integral part of their design aesthetic. Take a look at "Vicky’s Video Interview with the Picker Sisters."

And stayed tuned for an upcoming gallery in which I take gently-used items, easily found on a site like Kijiji, and give them second life. Wonder if the sisters need a Canadian cousin?

vicky sandersonVicky Sanderson is an all encompassing home GURU. She provides wonderful advice and insight into the world of all things home related – from decor and design and entertaining to gardening and household tips. If you would like to be in contact with her, you can go to her profile and submit a friend request.


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