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The Cottage Living Community

About the Cottage Living Community

Cottage Living is a large part of many Canadians’ lives. Our cottages are often our oasis. In the Cottage Living Community on casaGURU, you’ll find articles, images, and videos on cabin building, cottage maintenance, septic systems, geothermal heating, and more.

Share tips with fellow cottage or cabin owners, recommend products such as composting toilets that work for you, or learn about new eco-friendly devices such as solar water heating.

Join the Cottage Living Community and begin connecting with fellow cottage owners today.

Reasons to Join the Cottage Living Community

By joining a Community on casaGURU, you are able to access loads of exclusive benefits:

  1. Member Savings: There are $1000s in discounts and rebates, available exclusively to members, that can help make your cottage your haven.
  2. Member Contests: Access Monthly Home Makeover contests that are available just to members.
  3. Tips by Email: Newsletter emails are full of helpful advice, tips, and trends.

How to Join the Cottage Living Community

Joining the Cottage Living Community is easy and completely free!

Simply sign in to or join casaGURU. Go to your personal casaGURU Pages and click to edit "My Communities". Pick the communities you wish to join and click the “Update” button for instant membership.

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