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Personalized Presents DIY Style

Some say it’s the thought that counts. Others believe it’s the tangible present that really counts. So why not combine both with a thoughtful, personalized present you make yourself. This isn’t painted macaroni necklaces only a mother could love, this is sophisticated and specialized furniture refurbishing.

canadian home trends marc atiyolil diy table furniture

For my honey's bridal shower, I had a small nesting table (one of two) passed around with a black sharpie so her family and friends could sign the table. The reason I chose nesting tables is for the sole purpose of having a matching table passed around on our wedding day, as to mimic the same look and create a matching set. This is something thoughtful and useful.

In “Create a Personalized Furniture Gift” I outline instructions on how to create your own DIY furniture gift for a special occasion and a special person in your life.

marc atiyolilMarc Atiyolil, celebrity designer and home trend expert is the Editor-in-Chief of Home Trends Magazine, and the host of the Marc Atiyolil Show.

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